Professional Video shooting:

Video production is a multi-faceted creative process, which is quite difficult to describe with universal formulas. Which why a meeting with the customer is a mandatory requirement for budget development. Such aspects of the production as genre, script, timing, ways of technical realization, choice of location, scenery, editing, style, sounding and many other things are discussed in details during the meeting. Having a wealth of experience in film production, we can describe the conditional starting prices for different types of production:

Drone Video Shooting: starts at €150
Promo reel (to 2 min): starts at €400
Music video: starts at €3000
Documentary film: starts at €5000
Short film: starts at €10000
Feature film: *… 🙂

*Evaluation of more complex projects, such as feature films, requires collective studying of each application details in individual order with the involvement of experienced specialists in film production. Contact us!

Real Estate Photography:


Yachts and Cars Photography:

Drone Yacht Photography: starts at €200 (Flight duration: 30 min)
Yacht 12-16m (Indoor+Exterior Scene): starts at €350
Yacht Photography from the Shore: starts at €100
Drone Photo Shooting: starts at 150€ (Flight duration: 30 min)
Car Photography on Location: starts at €150
Car Photography in the Pavilion: starts at €500

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