About Us


IslaCinema is an independent company with our own staff of professionals: scriptwriters, cinematographers, editors, sound editors, Post-Production & VFX, and administrators. We have powerful resources that enable us to produce any type of project within Ibiza and beyond.
We offer the following services: commercials, image films, promo reels and video tours, through which you can make special announcements to highlight your business, such as the opening of hotels, restaurants, auto rentals or stores.

For film studios and TV production companies, we offer a full range of services for your projects, as well as individual scenes for your films or episodes for your TV programs.

For musicians we can produce music videos in any genre that would include specialized directors hired for each specific project.

We utilize the latest filming equipment: Digital Cameras: ARRI Alexa, RED, Film Cameras: MOVIECAM, ARRI, ARRICAM. High Speed Cameras: SONY (Super35, Format RAW 4К, 2К, Full-HD). Wide variety of specialized optics, mini cameras and other cinematography equipment, such as lighting, latest non linear editing systems and Color Correction, Studio SFX, etc.

For more information, visit https://maxima.rent
Our company IslaCinema was established by a team of creative professionals who work
towards the highest standards in film and video production. Our goal is to produce the
highest quality products for all your project needs.

We also offer professional photography services for high end projects.

With respect, the IslaCinema Team.

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